Our Process

Thorough. Objective. Reliable.

Extensive, impartial research is a hallmark of our process, whether on the consulting or investing/syndication side.

Platinum Commercial Holdings, LLC, uses the extensive training, knowledge and experience of its management and professional advisers and consultants, along with state-of-the-art tools, to locate and vet potential markets to ensure they meet our stringent criteria prior to investing.

Research & Analysis

For clients seeking assistance to find the best value for their investment, whether looking to expand into another market or into another type of asset altogether, we can act as your confidential representative all the way from the in-depth study to closing a particular investment deal. We protect your privacy every step of the way.

Our experienced team uses state-of-the art processes and tools to provide comprehensive analysis of your project. That includes evaluating such factors as zoning, taxes, crime rates, future developing or changing infrastructure, security/safety, direction of other corporate expansion and competition coming into the marketplace, among other factors.

We make sure you have all the information you need in making your high-level decisions about whether to move into a particular market, and how and when.

Investment Opportunities

Before investing in a new market, we conduct extensive due diligence on the marketplace to identify specific pockets of opportunity.

Next, we conduct rigorous due diligence on available properties to ensure they meet our predetermined acquisition and funding criteria, and create a property information package describing the details of the opportunity along with our financial projections, planned value-add strategies and anticipated hold times.

Once we identify a viable property and get it under contract, we hire experienced securities attorneys to organize the appropriate corporate structures to draft the legal documents necessary for compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations so that we can legally pool funds from private investors—and so investors are informed of the risks and potential rewards of the investment before making their investment decisions. Once the offering documents are complete, the fundraising process begins.

Next, we coordinate (and provide necessary lender guarantees) to obtain institutional financing and/or joint ventures with other private equity companies for a portion of the purchase price, and we hire professional property managers who will run the day-to-day operations of each property after acquisition.

After closing on a property, our hand-picked management team oversees the property managers, handles all communications and financial aspects of the property for our investors, and implements our value-add strategies throughout the lifespan of each property until it is eventually sold (or exchanged for another with investor approval under IRS 1031 Exchange rules), usually within four to seven years.

About The Team

Principal & CEO Carole Crawford comes to the table equipped with an MBA in Market Research and Marketing Management and several decades of experience in deal analysis and expertise in high-level negotiations at the federal level and in the private sector.

For each project, we form a deal-specific team, using our own personnel, local advisers and consultants to drill down to the details for indicators suggesting a strong potential of expansion, which is the hallmark of an emerging market.

Through a detailed, unbiased analysis of markets, properties and structure, we identify opportunities positioned to offer the best possible returns and operational transparency to Investors in hopes they will return to invest again.

Why Us

  • We work for YOU, the client.  So you can count on thorough, honest, unbiased research and advice.
  • With our large and growing network of experts, we are your “one-stop shop” involving research, acquisition and development.
  • Every project is tailor-made to your needs, goals and budget. We step in and out exactly where and when you need us.


Whether you are looking for research and advice or are actively investing, Platinum Commercial Properties is your best choice for objective, comprehensive project assistance. Our team is constantly monitoring trends and reacts quickly to stay ahead of the curve for the benefit of our clients.

Markets go through a predictable cycle, but not all markets are in the same phase of the cycle at any given time. That makes it essential to meticulously research each one to determine the optimal time for investing and then exiting the market.

This is where we focus our efforts—as timing is everything and a well-timed investment can be lucrative for all of the participants.

We have the insight, detailed processes and partner connections to identify, acquire and shepherd potentially profitable properties in the right markets throughout their life cycle.