Emerging Real Estate Markets

Emerging Real Estate Markets

What is an emerging market?

A Real Estate Market that has the potential to appreciate very quickly during a three to five year period.


Phoenix – Sun Microsystems brings in 20k new jobs in the 1990’s, the market appreciates over 42% in the next three years.

Dallas – The Metroplex attracts over 120k new jobs between 2005 – 2008. The market appreciates over 46%.

The Holy Grail in identifying an emerging market is job growth.

Market Cycles:

  • Seller’s Market I
  • Seller’s Market II
  • Buyer’s Market I
  • Seller’s Market II

SMI  – Seller’s Market Phase One:

  • Supply Dwindles
  • Property Selling Fast
  • Time on Market at Lowest Point
  • Unemployment Low
  • Property Prices and Rent Rising
  • Demand at the Highest Point

SMI  – Seller’s Market Phase Two:

  • Time on Market Increases
  • Supply Increases
  • Seller Waiting But Still Gets Inflated Prices
  • Construction Pipeline Excessive
  • Business and Job Growth Slow

BMI  -Buyer’s Market Phase One:

  • Market Still Oversupplied
  • Prices, Rent Falling
  • Time on Market Increasing
  • New Construction Stagnant
  • Unemployment Reaches Height
  • Foreclosures Rise Sharply

BMI  – Buyer’s Market Phase Two:

  • Market Absorbs Oversupply
  • Time on Market Decreases
  • Job Growth Increases
  • Existing Properties Rehabbed
  • Rents begin to Slowly Increase
  • Prices begin to Slowly Increase

Characteristics of Good Markets:

  • College Town
  • State Capital
  • Big Box Retail
  • Health Hub
  • Strong Leadership
  • Major Interstates
  • Airport with One Major Airline Hub
  • Population 100k+
  • Shopping Hub

Why Emerging Markets

  • These markets can generate higher than National Returns
  • Initially Not As Much Competition
  • Trade Up Faster
  • We Invest Like the Institutions Do

What’s Next?

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