Valuable Services

Valuable Services

PCH offers many valuable services:

First, we conduct high-level research to find the right emerging markets to fit our investment criteria. Then we spend time developing relationships in those markets to find the right commercial properties that have value-add opportunities and will produce solid cash flow.

Once we get them under contract, we start the “syndication“ side of our business.  We find bank loans for 65-80% of the purchase price and organize small groups of investors to put up the downpayment and closing costs. We conduct extensive due diligence on the properties, work with experienced securities attorneys to organize the appropriate corporate structures and to draft the legal documents necessary for SEC compliance, and we hire professional property managers to run the day-to-day operations.

After closing on the properties, we oversee the property managers, handle all communications and financials for the investors, and implement our value-add strategies; all the way through the “lifespan” of the property until we sell it; usually within 4-7 years.

Our ideal investors are people looking for better returns than they might be currently experiencing in traditional investments, who want a voice in how their funds will be spent, and want to take advantage of the benefits of professionally managed investment-grade commercial real estate, without the hassles of dealing with day-to-day property operations.